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Can you get away with Murder?

The police are on their way, can you cover up what you've done and then survive the police interrogation the next day?

Use whatever means necessary to cover up your crime. But be careful, depending on your actions will change what the questions the police will ask you the next day.

How to play

Hold X to skip opening cutscence.

X - Interact with items, make selections

Z - Drop items

Arrow keys - Move, make selection during dialouge

Update 09/12/2015

Thank you to everyone who has played so far and reported bugs.

- Removed glitch in which police would find the mop in your house everytime if you took it home only once forcing you to restart the game

- Various glitches with the game freezing after answering a question have been removed.

- Added the ability to skip the opening cutscene by holding the X button

- Some typos corrected

Update 29/11/2015

- Remoced glitch in which police would find wallet in the locker when you threw it out the window

- Some typos corrected


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It won't launch for me, I don't know what the problem is.

Hey, we played your game! I enjoyed the gameplay, but I did have a little trouble getting the dialog to work. Thanks for posting the game!

Wow! Thanks for Lets playing my game! Sorry about the glitches. Unfortunately I could never find out what was causing them.

It wont let me download! It says downloading then installing then back to install! And its not in my computer files I checked. I can't play on the browser because it wont let me dump the mop or anything.

Yes! After many tries, i escaped justice with full health

Everytime the cops ask me if i used the toilet the game stops there. It's not a crash, but the text is stuck.

I can't seem to get anywhere in this game, when ever I talk to anyone in the game it freezes. Try to get Sarah to go outside, nothing happens and it's stuck. Talking to the police, stuck... that's as far as I can get and this is my third try.


I think you should add a bit more stuff to worry about while hiding evidence, I won just by blaming Sarah and hiding the knife.

hey man, it keeps glitching every time i talk to sarah or get interrogated, and im looking through the comments and it says you already fixed that, but i just found the game and its not working :/

Sorry about that, for some people it seems to work and for others it crashes all the time so i don't know whats causing it. can you give me some more info like, if you're playing in the browser or the download version? And if in the browser what one are you using. If you haven't yet tried it use the download version and see if that Work.

yeah i was playing on the browser version, no ill try the download and see how it works! thanks for the suggestion :)

Let me know how it goes!

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I like the concept but the gameboy limitations make it annoying. There needs to be a faster way to progress text. I played thru once and they mentioned the mop but I couldn't interact with it. I played it again and it worked. Couldn't put it in the toilet though.

I did it! I am a successful murderer.


This game is really cool!

However, it keeps freezing and getting stuck during the interrogation :(


Hi! Today I went on a big bug hunt and updated the game. Those glitches you mentioned should be gone now. If you find anymore let me know!

Found a few more instances of it freezing during the interrogation scene. Let me know if the specific scenes will help you narrow down the bugs.

That's strange. If you can quote the exact text that it is freezing on I can look into it further. Unfortunately I have been unable to replicate the freezing the people are mentioning.

I've played this a few times and I want to skip the opening section, but it seems like I can't. Really fun concept though.

Heya! Glad you're enjoying it. I just had a look at the code and tried to implement a skip button, but unfortunately the way I've coded it is a mess so I won't be able to add a skip button. I'll make sure to add one in future games.

I'm a game developer as well, I would find it quite fun to see how you coded this and try fix some of the bugs I found. I won't share the code with anyone.

I'm not worried about other people seeing the code that's how we all learn. But I should warn you it is incredibly messy. If you've got an email or something I can send the source code in a zip file.

Tweeted you my email address